We set high expectations

As one of the most reliable credit repair companies in Miami, we set very high expectations for ourselves. You can expect nothing but quality service from our dedicated team of credit experts. We strive to help our clients regain their financial standing. Our professional team comprises of like-minded individuals who provide reliable credit repair services Miami, and will leave no stone unturned until you get back to your financial track. We are here to walk alongside you every step of the way in your credit restoration quest. We work with creditors, collectors and credit bureaus to fix and restore tarnished credit. Your unique case will be our priority. We have an industry-leading track record, with credit restoration know-how and comprehensive resources to help you improve your credit score in the best way possible. Our financial experts, credit counselors and mentors work together to help you fix credit in Miami and transition to better financial health. Once we empower you with credit management techniques, it is just a matter of time before you realize your long-term goals and dreams. We are a fast-growing and result-oriented credit repair companies in Miami. We offer a credit and loan education advisory platform designed to change the way consumers manage their credit. We aim to offer in-depth knowledge on how to better service your existing debts and improve your credit score to have better opportunities for qualifying for loans and mortgages. As buoyant consumer advocates, we provide free tools that will help our clients achieve their financial goals. We are happy to offer helpful financial information and products that transform many lives as they move milestones in their credit repair progress.

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The Process

Free Consultation

If you have any query regarding our processed for credit repair in Orlando, we’ll be glad to answer. We offer 'on-the-house' consultation services to all our clients. Do keep in touch with us and we'll be happy to serve you.


Do you have any question before we start helping you raise your credit score? No problem, we can offer you a free consultation. All you need to do is to give us a call.

Rejoice in Results

We cannot guarantee your credit repair results, but we attest that many of our clients have seen positive results within 90 days of hiring our credit repair services Miami.


  • Why Should I Choose Your Company?

    We don’t only work to remove the negative and inaccurate information from your credit report. We also give you the information you need to increase your credit score.

  • How Long Does it Take to See Results?

    You can expect to see results in as little as 30 days, with it taking up to 90 days in some cases.

  • How Much Will I Have to Pay?

    You will need to pay a credit analysis fee of $149 in the beginning. During this process, we will give you a detailed report that explains what is lowering your credit score and what can be done to increase the score. If you like the direction outlined, the fee is $79 per month. You are not obligated to sign up, and you can cancel your service at any time. You are not charged a fee until your work is performed.

Our Commitment

Our Mission

Help Me Credit is one of the credit repair companies in Miami that’s committed to restructuring and building your lost credit and help turn your financial health around. Our innovative approach to credit repair allows you to take control of your credit and divert your focus to the future. We are your credit repair Orlando FL specialists and mentors who bring expert knowledge, and support.

Who Are We?

We are a diligent credit repair firm committed to helping people restore their financial health. We collaborate with our clients to ensure that they learn and practice the best ways of managing their credit to improve their credit rating. In case our clients need personal loans with bad credit in Orlando FL, we will assist them to shop for the best deals currently available in the market.

Weekly Education

During the credit repair process, we will work hand in hand with you and offer educative information on ways to improve your credit score and keep it up there. We'll advise you on how to handle the multiple accounts that need your attention on the credit reports. Our professional team will provide coaching on financial credit repair as well as the various ways you can get approval for credit from lending institutions and banks.

Our Promise

We assure you of our dedication to helping you raise your credit score and get approved once again for low-interest financing. We will only part ways once you have successfully regained your full financial health and embraced the best financial habits. We are devoted to advised you boost your credit score and get your approved once again.


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    Price Table

    Credit Analysis


    • Review your credit report for inaccurate items.
    • Review of outdated accounts.
    • Review your credit report for inaccurate personal information.
    • Review accounts that can be made current.
    • Review accounts with high credit utilization.
    • Build a plan on how to fix information.
    • Build a plan to raise your credit score.
    • Build a plan to rebuild your credit score.
    • Provide you with a detailed report of everything listed above.
    • Consult with you over the phone regarding your detailed plan.
    • Video training on how to raise your credit score.
    • Training rebuild your credit score.

    Monthly Service


    • Analysis and review of client file status.
    • Receiving and processing manual updates.
    • Respond and receive correspondence by mail or phone.
    • Review client's credit report updates to determine next steps.
    • Create a strategic plan to assist clients in meeting their goals.
    • Create and send dispute letters to creditors.
    • Assist with budget and credit question/process.
    • Provide ongoing credit education.
    • Provide ongoing budget and spending recommendations.
    • Provide clients with access to educational portal sites.
    • Update clients with educational materials.
    • Provide debt consolidation options.
    Get Started Now! $79.00 a Month Start Now

    What We Do

    It’s not easy for a consumer to determine the best loans and credit for their situation without receiving advice and assistance from credit repair Miami experts. At Help Me Credit, we offer an all-inclusive solution that entails a clear picture of your credit situation, the available credit options, credit rebuilding, and the much-needed advice, all in one place.

    Here you will find information on:

    • Credit Score evaluation & Monitoring
    • Identity Theft Protection
    • Savings Recommendations
    • How to dispute derogatory information on your credit report
    • How to repair and rebuild your credit score
    • How and when to negotiate with creditors and collectors
    • How to acquire the best secured credit cards in the market
    • How to maintain a balance between your current debts and your credit

    Our Core Competencies

    Clean Up Your Past

    We will work directly with the creditors, and credit reporting bureaus to dispute the negative information in your credit report that is hurting your credit score so we help you help you fix credit in Miami. We will not relent until your credit rating is accurate.


    After cleaning up your inaccurate information, it’s important to build up a positive credit report that is rock solid with healthy activity and trade lines. Our expert credit team will offer guidance during this process and provide the necessary resources to help you build a positive profile. We will also guide you on how you can access personal loans with bad credit in Orlando FL

    Monitor Your Progress

    Our company’s credit repair services Miami do not end with disputing derogatory information. We are committed to your overall financial success, and we will constantly monitor your progress to ensure you don’t falter in any way. We will keep sending you constant reminders of the key targeted changes and dates. Our team will assist you with free credit monitoring until we see you thrive in your credit repair quest.

    Reviewing Financial Products

    At Help Me Credit, we liaise with various banking experts and analysts to search for the best deals on the available personal loans with bad credit in Orlando FL to help you in case you need financial help while still in the process of rebuilding your credit.

    We will keep you informed about available products and their rates, and guide you on how best to utilize the funds while still helping you to help you fix credit in Miami. Our objective is to assist consumers to find excellent financial products.

    Improving your credit rating can be as simple as disputing incorrect details on the credit report. But it can also be as complex as rectifying identity theft and the damages incurred. Like everyone else, you work hard to get your income! It’s disappointing when everything you buy on credit costs you more if you’ve got flaws in your credit files. We are offering you exclusive credit repair in Orlando to allow you total financial freedom.

    When you sign up with Help Me Credit, we are going to help you successfully deal with:

    • Inaccuracies
    • Repossessions
    • Bankruptcies
    • Tax Liens
    • Inquiries
    • Late payments
    • Collections
    • Charge-offs
    • Foreclosures
    • Judgments

    Can Our Credit Repair Services Help You?

    According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), every consumer has a legal right to dispute any incomplete, questionable or misleading items on their credit report. If the disputed item cannot be verified, the credit bureaus have to remove it from the report. This sounds easy, but doing this by yourself is in itself another challenge. We are a professional credit repair company who understands the law and the most effective methods to utilize will be very helpful.

    At Help Me Credit, we have helped thousands of consumers to dispute their credit reports and rebuild their credit. We want to offer you the same. Contact us today and receive the best services for credit repair in Orlando that will help you get back your credit rating and build a new financial future! We will not rest until your credit information is accurate and up to date and your credit score is high up.